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At the Povero Diavolo (Poor Devil). Piergiorgio Parini's cuisine , the territory through a contemporary still.

Here I am once again climbing this section of the Apennines that looks down towards the Adriatic Sea. It's obvious that one is unlikely to end-up in Torriana by accident, you must want to come, deci   [...]


All the facets of Cannonau

    All the facets of Cannonau: the Italian Championship of Grenache After the interesting experiment of the National Championship of Fiano wines we have decided to focus on another vin   [...]


The Reale of Niko Romito and the red meat of a lamb by the ancient and shameless taste

  I had not been to Castel di Sangro for a while, too long for someone like me who has followed Niko throughout his career, from when he was still young at his first attempts in the kitchen of   [...]