Tram Jazz: Rome by Tram, dining to the rhythm of Jazz



A few days ago I caught an old Tram disguised as a restaurant. Welcomed by the notes of a Jazz Band, I felt as if I were in a Woody Allen movie.
The candle light on the tables and the suffused lighting of the Tram created the ultimate atmosphere between comedy and reality.
Departure at 21.00 hours from Porta Maggiore. The appointment was at the tram stop. There, among brand new ones, a more decrepit vehicle made its appearance. Having opened the doors, a waiter with a top-hat welcomed a crowd that was atypical for elegance and enthusiasm.
Once the waiter with the top-hat had guided me to the table and poured a glass of prosecco, the journey started. Music beating to time accompanied the Tram while it crossed the San Lorenzo neighbourhood, Piazzale del Verano, the Trieste neighbourhood and then all the way to Valle Giulia.
From the windows, Rome was passing by with a soundtrack that only I was listening to. In the meantime dinner was being served. Had it been of the same standards of what I was seeing and hearing, it would have been the best meal of my life. By nature, if a sense is less stimulated than others, the others become more sensitive and vice versa. This is probably why the food was what excited me the least.
Somehow a glass of red wine adjusted the tone, despite being Chianti which has little to do with Rome, but what does it matter if one is comfortably seated in a well-cushioned seat on the way to the Colosseum?
When the Flavian Amphitheatre appeared, my sight was rewarded enough to not just dominate the sense of flavour, but also the sense of hearing and the excellent music: in front of His Majesty the Colosseum everything vanishes.
So it didn't really matter if the meatballs in tomato sauce were a disappointment, I looked at the Colosseum and waited for the dessert.
There was another pause, enough time to stretch your legs and smoke a cigarette. When we boarded again, before continuing this striking itinerary, the musicians showed us spectators all their talent and creativity.
A Wonderful Life played with trumpet, clarinet, banjo and tuba accompanied us from the Colosseum to the Pyramid of Cestius in Via Ostiense.
During the itinerary the silent absence of the Circus Maximus filled the landscape. The roads were soaked by the incessant rainfall.

To finish-off nicely, a selection of two desserts was then served: chocolate mousse and mandarin tiramisù. A good dose of dessert was necessary to take away the bitterness of the next stop: the end of the line and a return to reality. 

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