The National Italian Championship of Fiano wines

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is not what are the best wines of a region or of Italy, but what is the best wine of a certain type of grape or of a specific denomination. We often answer according to our own experience and our tastings, identifying a certain number of wines that we feel represent the prime of the world of wine, but rarely do we manage to identify the absolute best. This is where the idea to create a Championship, which would establish a winner in a set category, originated. We are starting with Fiano (a wine produced in different regions of Italy: Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Sicily and Basilicata): approximately 150 wines put onto the market in the last year (created using at least 85% Fiano grapes, excluding Fiano minutolo) by over 100 companies will compete to be among the 32 finalists. Following the quarter-finals, semifinals and the final we will nominate the overall winner of the competition. The main target is to announce and promote a vine variety in the different areas where it is cultivated, thanks to this important experience of “horizontal” tasting. The blindfolded tasting, by a commission that includes journalist and sector experts, will start early in July in the Enoteca Trimani wineshop. Are you curious to know who will win? So are we!

We have already done the first selection, with surprises and confirmations: from the initial 150 wines we are now down to 32 that will be in the running in the final phase in September, when the tasting that will determine the last 8 will take place. They will compete in a one to one direct knockout. There will be some stories to tell in September!

We will update you here after the summer. The tasting commission features in alphabetical order:

Alessandro Bocchetti
Gianmarco Nulli Gennari
Stefano Ronconi
Andrea Scattina
Andrea Sponzilli
Jovica Todorovic
Paolo Trimani
Paolo Valentini
Maurizio Valeriani

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