The Frappato by Arianna Occhipinti


The bottle is very beautiful, Burgundy-shaped with a white label and a delicate design: it looks like a wine that you have always been familiar with, but at the same time it has a contemporary flair that is the peculiarity of the young Sicilian woman, who runs this vineyard. Modernity and tradition: understanding where one ends and the other begins is difficult, maybe even useless.

Open the bottle, pour it in the glasses and the colour is joy: red, but bright and vivid; not impenetrable, but intense. The nose flies impatiently towards the glass and is struck by ancient and winey odours, of cellars and old vineyards; then ancestral organic earth tone, ash and bitter herbs; and finally the gushing fruitiness arrives, it takes over the glass and does not abandon it, not just grape, but also strawberry and red summer plum, ripe fruits, marked by the sun of Vittoria, yet lacking excesses.

In the mouth it’s perfect, rhythmic and tense, alternating between fruity juiciness and acid crunchiness. When drunk, it’s nervous and easy, a perfect gastronomic wine that can only be exalted by food, like all artisan wines. In the distance, one can imagine that mineral evolution that will come in time.




Az. Agricola Arianna Occhipinti

23 euro

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