The Fiano wine Italian National Championship 2013: the finalists

We have reached the most highly anticipated moment: the final stage of our Fiano championship. We started by selecting 8 out of 32 Fiano wines that entered the quarter finals.

Given the high qualitative level, repeated blindfolded tastings were necessary to establish a list with the best 8 wines based on the average mark given by our tasting commission.

These wines narrowly outshine the remaining 24 wines that had been described in the previous stage. All that remain is to reveal the mystery.

The only area to access the next stage is Irpinia with various representations of terroir: there are some more renowned labels, such as Ciro Picariello, Guido Marsella, Villa Raiano, Vadiaperti (the new name of this wine producer is Traerte)  and others less well know, such as  Tenuta Sarno 1860, Cantina del Barone and Vigne Guadagno. This demonstrates how the territory of Irpinia is extraordinary for this vine variety, which is declined according to peculiar styles and traits.


This was the order of draw: Draw of Fiano quarter finals.jpg


In the final stage, wines of a very high qualitative level battled it out one against the other in direct knockout duels. The result often saw the winners of these one to one challenges overcoming by just one point, which proves what a hard task judging them was.

So thrilling challenges, like the one that saw Ciro Picariello surrender in the quarter finals to the less known and upcoming Cantina del Barone, or the one that saw Vadiaperti (the new name of the AZIENDA Traerte) comfortably win over Pietracupa.

The real surprise is Cantina del Barone, which continued in its path overcoming in the semi final Guido Marsella and reaching the final with Vadiaperti.

The final concluded with an incredibly narrow defeat....

the overall winner is:




In the final for 3rd and 4th place, Pietracupa overcame Guido Marsella.

 Are we now ready for the next Championship? Want to know what this is about? We do not want to ruin any surprises, as we are very discreet, but then again we are also loose cannonau......


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