The Fiano Italian Championship 2013: the list of 32 finalist (2/4)

 Another 8 Fiano wines rigorously in alphabetical order:

D'aione - Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2012: elegant and complex, it has aromas that range from citrus to dried fruit, from hazelnut to Maquis, without compromising minerality, the central keystone of its flavour. 


Di Prisco – Fiano d’Avellino D.O.C.G. 2012 : Pasqualino Di Prisco never misses a shot and this is why he not only produces a great Greco, but also a great Fiano, which presents itself with smoky aroma accompanied by scents of American peanut, white flowers and Maquis. The flavour is full, rich, refined and with a beautiful gunflint finish.


 Donnachiara – Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2012:  very rich and spicy, it plays on aromas of citrus and dried fruit. The drinkability, tautness, length and depth of taste are excellent.



Femia - Fiano d'Avellino Camporèo 2010: this producer from Lapìo was a wonderful surprise: it produces a lavish Fiano, mineral and spicy, very elegant and harmonious, which leaves aromas of smoke, ash and toasted hazelnut.


Fratelli Urciuolo - Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2012:   with less than 20 grape harvests under their belt, Fratelli Urcioli surprised us with this dynamic and charming wine, fresh and sapid, with aromas of Maquis, gunflint and a subtle grapefruit aftertaste.


 Guido Marsella - Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2011the smoky aroma of Summonte, almost a trademark, mixes with floral and dried fruit notes. Rich, sapid, powerful: it’s a thoroughbred Fiano.



 I Favati  - Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. Pietramara 2012:  great substance and structure, it is enchanting and deep, with aromas of peach, hazelnut, oregano and marjoram. It manages to combine muscles and silhouette. 


La Valentina  - Colli Pescaresi I.G.T. Fiano 2011: a pleasant surprise produced by the Fattoria La Valentina in the Abruzzo region, which gives life to this rich and powerful Fiano, with aromas of yellow fruits and citrus and a Maquis finish.


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