The Fiano Italian Championship 2013: the list of 32 finalists (1/4)



After the cycle of tastings, we are now here to update you with the announcement of the 32 Fiano wine finalists in this first edition of the Fiano Championship here on Spaghetti Junction.
Given the average very high quality of the wine, it was not easy to select 32 wines among the more than 150 ones we received and we can tell that the next steps, especially selecting the top 8 among these 32 that will battle it out in the semi-finals, will be even harder.
Of course the Irpinia area dominated the competition with 28 out the 32 wines in the final: it is followed by the Cilento area with two wines and to our surprise one each from the regions of Lazio and Abruzzo.
But enough talk and let’s move on to disclose the list of the first eight of the magnificent 32 wines in alphabetical order (name of producer):

Antico Castello - Irpinia Fiano D.O.C.  2012: set outside the areal for DOCG Fiano of Avellino, this producer, which was recently established and is located in San Mango sul Calore, in the area of Taurasi, decided against buying grapes for the production of DOCG and produced from its own vines an excellent Fiano: elegant, powerful, mineral, sapid, with a nose that ranges between white flowers and citrus, between hazelnut and ash, with a good flavour dynamism and an agile palate.




·      Benito Ferrara – Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G.  2012 : not just Greco: this could be the subtitle of Gabriella Ferrara, who rather like King Midas turns anything she touches to gold; fresh and spicy, it blends aromas of flowers and dried fruit with balsamic and Maquis hints, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of gunflint and eucalyptus.
·       Cantina del Barone di Sarno Luigi – Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. Particella 928 2011: this young winemaker from Cesinali was a real surprise: he has given life to a Fiano that is just as you want it and how you expect it, it’s so typical, with hints of smoke and charcoal fire, with aromas of walnut, hazelnut, freshness, sapidity and with great substance. 

Cantine Di Marzo – Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. Donatus 2012: taut, sapid, mineral, with a slight winey flavour that accentuates its drinkability and dynamism, and a finish of spices, white flowers and almond, which make it really interesting.



·     Case Bianche – Cilento Fiano D.O.C. Cumalè 2012: we have moved to the Cilento area, with a fresh, sapid, mineral Fiano that has a nose of dried fruit, officinal herbs, oregano and thyme, and a captivating, “juicy” and very pleasant palate. 
·      Ciro Picariello – Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2011: we have returned to Irpinia and in great style; Picariello’s wine is always recognizable thanks to its pronounced and pleasant nose (typical of Summonte) of charcoal fire and ash that accompanies aromas of Maquis and dried fruit.
Deep, complex, not to be missed. 
·      Colli di Lapìo Fiano di Avellino D.O.C.G. 2012: we are now dealing with the territory most consecrated to Fiano: Lapìo. And Clelia Romano once again hits the spot with a Fiano that is sapid and mineral, floral and fruity, captivating and elegant with a citrus and hazelnut finish.


·       Cuomo  I Vini del Cavaliere – Fiano Cilento D.O.C. Heraion 2012: aromas of lime wood, white melon and peach mix with spicy and fruity scents, giving way to a rich, deep and seductive palate.











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