The Corte Fenilazzo Farm, Cheese factory and rural ice-cream parlour in the heart of the Moreniche Hills

If it were a colour it would be white. It if were a consistency it would be creamy. If it were the title of a film it would be “200 cows for three brothers”.

Celeste, Edoardo and Roberto are the three brothers and you will hear them address each cow, whether it’s a “bruna” or Holstein Friesian, by name as if it were a family pet. We are in the heart of the Moreniche Hills, in Desenzano sul Garda, and here the Cavalieri brothers, stubborn heirs of the business started by their father in 1951, have founded a farm that is famous first of all as a cheese factory, but unexpectedly for ice-cream as well.

Surrounded by green, at a stone’s throw away from the shores of Lake Garda, as soon as one crosses the threshold of the antique house, one gets the feel of having entered a paradise for milk, yogurt and cheese lovers. First of all milk, which is bottled daily. Having tried it, it causes dependence, but you will finally understand why Heidi, despite running in cold green valleys with just a little red dress, never caught a cold.

And then the yogurt. A full and captivating flavour, not at all light. A dense and creamy consistency. Aside from plain, it also comes in the classic flavours of strawberry, blueberry and banana, as well as other flavours that are to be tried at least once in a lifetime, such as liquorice, made with natural liquorice infusion, Val di Sole honey, malt, citrus fruit or even coffee.

The cheeses deserve a separate charter. Fresh, soft or mature, they can be eaten on the spot with some home-made honey or jams, or bought to take home.

The stracchino Bresciano, soft and fondant, is ivory white and has a very delicate flavour.

The ricotta, particularly sapid and full-bodied, gives off all the grit of an artisan product. For a sweeter flavour, the Caciotta del Garda with its smooth crust is excellent, or try the primo sale or the crescenza.

It's worth the trip, the Latteria is soft, has a straw yellow colour, and slight eyes, which become more intense the longer it matures, and the main peculiarity of Tenerezz is being made of yogurt, which you will see oozing out in tears once you cut into the outer crust.

Of the daily milking, part is set aside for the production of artisan ice-cream. It's no surprise that the Azienda Agricola Corte Fenilazzo is more known as an Agrigelateria ice-cream parlour. Far from the coloured clouds of air that city ice-cream parlours have made us accustomed to, here the ice-cream depends exclusively from the season and from the quality of the raw ingredients.

The vanilla and zabaglione are sweetly nostalgic, the liquorice very delicate,: one that must be tried and it’s almost unnecessary to say, is the yogurt flavour, which strikes a perfect balance between acidity, cream and ricotta... a splash of whipped cream? ... yes please!!!


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