Tenuta Pennita: Selezione Alina campagna 2012

Gianluca Tumedei is a man full of passion and temperament, an authentic character that puts his heart and spirit into what he does. However oil is for him something else, a visceral love that has over the years made him give more and more, up until arriving to the current levels of perfection. “Tenuta Pennita”  is a small company from the Romagna area of Italy that presses its own olives selecting different cru with precision and great instinct. The first oils were mainly produced with Monte Poggiolo olives from Terra del Sole, a plot of land near Brisighella that does have the depth of the magical terroir.
Then over the years the assets of the company started to include some real cru from the district of Brighisella, centuries-old olive trees of the varieties “Nostrana di Brisighella” and “Ghiacciola” (the native varieties), which were recovered and returned to production with conscientiousness and  precision.  Today the work of “Tenuta Pennita” stems from the possibility of this choice and “Selezione Alina” represents the quality climax of the company’s production. The name comes from the partner of Gianluca, Alina Olmeti, whose dowry to the company included a family-owned olive grove, called Valdoleto: a cru in the best area of the district of Brisighella, on the left slope of the Lamone Valley, between Brisighella and Fognano.
Over the course of time Gianluca also found the freedom to select for this brand the best expression of “Nostrana” (the Italian for local), the blend that is closest to the archetype of Brisighella oil. “Seleziona Alina” is a deep oil, with a green and herbaceous smell, a bitter and cutting flavour, persistent like all cold oils. It lacks piquancy, but this is the signature of Brisighella, which merges strength and delicacy: the strength of the scents – artichoke, cardoon, tomato leaf, and wild herbs – and the mildness of a sweetness that is overwhelmed by a finale that is persistent in its duration. 

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