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The features necessary to achieve success are all here: a pop-chic neighbourhood (Testaccio), a minimal location set inside a beautiful example of industrial archaeology (the former slaughterhouse of Testaccio), a 28 year old chef with the physique du role (Marco Martini), the speak-easy counter where selected spirits are mixed with home-made preparations and a cuisine that feeds and entertains at the same time, and these are only some of the winning features of the Stazione di Posta.


This interesting project has come to life in a pavilion of the Città dell'Alta Economia, in the same structure home to the MACRO, almost as if was trying to be an example of being contemporary: its code is a synthesis between beautiful, good and modern.



Marco Martini, best upcoming chef in 2013 according to Luigi Cremona's competition, despite being very young has talent, experience (he has grown-up in starred restaurants) and last but not least very clear and contemporary ideas: cuisine must not simply please the aesthetics and mind, but mainly your appetite and taste buds. This philosophy translates into dishes that are made-up and fashionable but also hide a very beautiful incisive and pleasure-seeking register, with decisive tones and recognizable flavours.

When relaxing at the tables of the well attended dining hall, one must not be fooled by the snacks being served that, despite being pleasant, could make one expect a polished but unsubstantial cuisine. 



The register changes completely when the actual dinner is served: excellent raw ingredients, in many cases produced by the organic cooperative Agricola Nuova that is also an integral part of the Stazione di Posta project, are transformed into preparations that satisfy one's appetite more than one's eyes.


The sweetbreads aim for roundness and fullness, the tortelli are stuffed with a chicken cacciatora that could well come out of a granny's kitchen and plays on that classic combination with potatoes in the form of broth, the galletto (cockerel) has that "oafish" spicy-hot punch that makes one salivate; little does it matter that these dishes are fashionable, combined with a chinotto (a type of Italian bitter orange drink) gel (the sweetbreads), or that they have an oriental look (the tortelli), or that they are combined with northern European suggestions (the chicken), the result is always the same: a cuisines in which the central issue is allowing those who stop by to eat well and in a heartfelt manner .



The cuisine's suggestions can also be found in all the other souls that come to life in this venue, the counter of "er Roscio" (the redhead) Emanuele Broccatelli is a great place to take a break after a day running around the capital, at the end of a meal or even while the meal is taking place: just try combining a Bloody Mary with some of the dishes and you will notice.



To complete the relaxed atmosphere with modern and up to date suggestions there is the decision to serve a meal at lunchtime on Saturdays and Sundays based on traditions and at a budget price, in order to draw families nearer to this type of food.
















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