I want to tell you the story of the Cooperativa La Vigna of Montecalvo Versiggia (PV).

I discovered it thanks to my friend Rita Pasani, the owner of the fair trade  store "Capoverso". Knowing I like wines, she suggested the Barbera produced by La Vigna.

Rita loves to describe products, the people who create them and tell the stories that make them special.


La Cooperativa la Vigna was created in 1992 , thanks to Mr. Marino Musina and his friends, in connection to an Association that bears the same name. This Association had been established in 1990 to welcome, support and provide work for migrant citizens interested in starting projects that created the conditions for them to return to their home countries.

La Vigna immediately chose to sell its wine via the network of fair trade shops and Ethical Purchasing Groups (EPG) adopting a cost transparency policy.

This was a considerably hard challenge given the times: the Cooperative followed an enterprise model based on solidarity. The trust given to this commercial system paid off up in the new millennium when the financial crisis struck.

In the period leading up to this, La Vigna perfected the quality of its wines and re-organized production to prevent the need to increase product prices for consumers.

At the same time the agricultural project Per Bacco was launched: it sought people interested in investing to buy the organically farmed land, so they could become owners of vineyard they used for production and guarantee the survival of this historic project.

Marino Musina will illustrate this project at the "Capoverso" store on November 23rd.


La Vigna produces the following types of wine: Barbera, Bonarda, Riesling, Moscato, Pinot Noir, white Pinot Noir  and rosé Pinot Noir.

The wines are not certified organic to avoid extra costs, but they are produced with entirely natural processes. They are still pressed by hand and the filtering takes place without sterilizing the wine, so that it remains "alive". The use of sulphites is reduced to the bare minimum.


Currently six employees work on the farm in the Oltrepo Pavese area: 5 of them – including the agronomist – are immigrants.

Mas, a 55 year old Senegalese, was one of the workers at La Vigna who managed to pursue his dream.
Mas has 11 children and a has led a life of sacrifices, working the summer in Sardinia and the winter in Trento. When talking to him, he will tell you that this is how his life worked out, but he dreams of a better future for his children. This is why, in partnership with La Vigna,  he has come up with a project for the production of vegetables and cashew nuts and for the rearing of sheep in his home country Senegal.


The Barbera goes down with satisfaction.

I raise my glass for an imaginary toast that I want to dedicate to Rita, to La Vigna, to Mas and to those who live a life full of love and altruism.


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