Ristorante Il Consorzio. The Italian Modern Trattoria in Turin.



Often people who do not know Turin well may get the impression it's cold: because of its austerity, of its straight and flat roads or of the difficulty to start a conversation with other people. But Turin is also magic. Not only for its esoteric aspect, but also for the cuisine you find in some of its modern taverns. Among these undoubtedly is Il Consorzio.
You will find it there, almost by chance, at a stone's throw away from the Monte dei Pegni (the central place for pawning), which has recently re-acquired the importance it had for many centuries. There has always been a restaurant here, but in the last five years Andrea and Pietro have turned it into a special place.
They are young boys, but they know what they are doing. They demonstrate how, with passion and by being professional, we can do some good for our country. You cross the door and already know you will fall in love and that Turin is not as cold as it looks. It welcomes you with a unique touch that does not leave you indifferent, without however being outside the box.
In the kitchen the wise hands of the chef transform excellent raw ingredients, many of which Slow Food, into dishes that are a mixture  between originality and regional tradition and much more. Having chosen a sincere and fascinating wine like Dinavolino, here are the anchovies. In four styles, including the ones with bread and mountain butter that almost makes you want to dine on this alone it's so delicious.
But you can't because the Tajarin with fondue and white truffle take over the scene. They can only be described as extraordinary.
In a jubilation of joy for the palate, I am presented with spectacular ravioli di finanziera. An updated version of a 15th century dish from the Piedmont region, but with an extra emotion compared to the traditional version. The ravioli have three different types of filling. So with each mouthful the palate discovers different consistencies. A rollercoaster of greasy flavours impeccably cleaned by the sweet and sour condiment, where you can find pieces of gherkin and rooster crest, which excite your heart.
It is now a must to stick to the high levels. In order to not miss out, I rely on Andrea and his passion for cheeses. I fall in love with a Bettelmatt d’alpeggio that wins hands down over a Saint Felicien with a pleasantly excessive sapidity.

And to finish the desserts: surprising. An intriguing proposal and masterful ending to a great menu. Above all the fabulous chocolate tart with peanut, caramelized peanuts and salt flavoured ice cream. A surprising blend of sweet, bitter and salty. We have now really reached the finishing line and a more than honest bill is the last happy note from this great experience.
photos by Sonia Curcio.

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