Perugia's beer, almost a century later.

A bunch of young, crazy lovers of Perugia and of quality beer: this was the starting point of the project Birra Perugia, an ancient brand that seemed doomed to be remembered only by the older inhabitants of the city in Umbria.
It was a great project making that memory come back to life by returning Birra Perugia to business, without however indulging in sterile marketing operations, because this fascinating brand actually hides a lot of quality.
Today Birra Perugia is based at the gates of Perugia, with modern and vanguard machinery. The first stone of the ancient factory was laid in the heart of Perugia back in 1875, when Ferdinando Sanvico founded the  Fabbrica della Birra Perugia factory. For this young man from the northern Italian region of Lombardy it was a memorable challenge, because his factory was one of the first breweries in Italy, together with Wuhrer in Brescia, Forst in Merano, Dreher in Trieste, Peroni in Rome and Paszkowki in Florence.
The factory was in production until 1927, when Birra Perugia closed down. It was set to remain a black and white postcard souvenir, until a group of friends, who were too in love with beer and with their city, gave life to the rebirth of the brewery in a building dating back to the 1970s near Deruta and the River Tiber.
Clear ideas and good will: the success was immediate, on the wave of the suggestions that the ancient brand transmits, but also because from the very beginning Birra Perugia started producing excellent non-pasteurized, non-filtered artisan beers with no preservatives or additives, refermented in the bottles. Beers strongly connected with their territory, also thanks to the use of the very pure water Umbria is rich in for production.
The first result is the Golden Ale label, one of the factory's leading two beers, which won the Gold Medal at the European Beer Star Award 2013, one of the most important competitions worldwide that compares more than 1,500 beers originating from over 40 countries. The Golden Ale has a very pleasant fruity aroma, with an almost winey glint, a fresh palate and a slightly bitter finish. Excellent.
For the lovers of "red", they offer the American Red Ale: more intense and full-bodied, perhaps less refined, but with very pleasant notes of rose and star anise, as well as a chocolate aftertaste.
The two ales are the backbone of Perugia Factory. The five owners also enjoy creating special and in some cases unique labels. So for example there is also Chocolate Porter, with its dark colour, produced by adding a few grains of cocoa at the end of the fermentation, a celebration of Perugia's chocolate production history.
Then there's  Barley Wine, a red label that won the Bronze Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2013. It's in true British style, produced exclusively with Maris Otter malt and also available (brown label) with barrique fining to homage the locally produced wines: here they use wood to evolve the Torgiano Riserva Vigna Monticchio of Cantine Lungarotti.
And this last label is worthy of a special edition and is sold in precious ceramic bottles created by designer Valentina Moretti of Legnoart and produced by one of Deruta's most famous ceramic factories: Ubaldo Grazia .
Drink to remember” is the motto of Birra Perugia. So a nice story: quality, friends, tradition, strong connection with the territory. Who knows when they will come-up with a truffle-flavoured beer.... 

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