New York: gourmet notes from the indian summer. (1/3)



It had been a couple of years since I had set foot in New York; the last time was during Wine Experience, so for work and with the thousands of appointments this entails: fair, restaurants, meetings.
This time it was very different, and despite choosing Brooklyn as a base instead of Manhattan, it reminded me a lot of when, still adolescent, I went to the Big Apple to accompany my father on business.
Back then, much like today, my target was to visit restaurants and places dedicated to food. I remember very well the huge steaks at Peter Luger, Smith and Wollensky, or the floor to ceiling views of the sorely missed, following September 11, Windows of the World, situated in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.
I remember the long walks down 5th Avenue and my bewildered gaze at the shop-window and shelves of Dean & De Luca.
This time as a base I chose Greenpoint, a neighbourhood in the far northern tip of Brooklyn. Visits to Manhattan were rare because nowadays, for those who have a young, greedy, light and colourful approach to their holiday, Brooklyn has everything on offer.
So having arrived from the Hamptons late on a fresh and sunny Sunday afternoon, I took a walk around Williamsburg and almost by magic I found myself on the door of the Delmano Hotel.
It’s not a real hotel, maybe it was in the past, but today it is one of those bars that once you have entered it’s difficult to leave. Young and professional staff; artisan cocktails, with beaked retro glass bottles on the counter filled of essences that give an allure of alchemy, of prohibition and of “today I will end-up drinking a lot”. The list of wines by the glass is concentrated on artisan productions of the old and new world. It offers fresh, small and quick-to-eat nibbles that you could never stop ordering – like I did. The Manzanilla of Equipo Navazos with oysters from the frozen fish bar and the house deviled eggs were the start of a long night that continued with a drinking session at the bar with those present.
Waking-up the next morning was sweet and surprising thanks to the liquid soaps of the Box House Hotel in Greenpoint that have the same ethereal perfumes of the cocktails I had drunk on the previous night.
On the saddle of a bike provided by the hotel, I ventured to the area of Bedford Street in Williamsburg where there are three venues which immediately became places I grew fond of.
Uva & Wines is a wine shop. The quality of the wines supplied is enough to make your head spin, and convinced me that in the upcoming days I would spend some evenings at my home/hotel, instead of going out for dinner, to enjoy the bottles with the appropriate calm and right intimacy and curiosity that a wine lover should have. I partly followed the advice of the owners, who steered me towards labels originating from Jura, German Riesling, Burgundy and Italy.


I partly decided for myself, favouring the splendid selection made by Louis Dressner, a broker and importer of wine produced in Europe, who was very useful to me. All my choices were centred on good, artisan wines without conceding to camouflaged ones.
to be continued...

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