New York: gourmet notes from the indian summer (2/3)

What was going to be the best way to complement these wines?I found the solution in a place fifty metres away called Bedford Cheese Shop.



This is a small dream-like delicatessen, with a selection of cheeses that lies outside the classic channels of international commerce, almost as if they had been smuggled.




For example among all these remarkable manchegos, goudas and local goat cheeses there was also some pecorino gregoriano from Abruzzo, a cheese that is hard to find outside its home region, let alone in Williamsburg.

One cannot live off cheese alone: the support of something sweet was required. One hundred metres away and this problem was also solved by popping into Mast Brothers Chocolate.



I’m not a chocolate lover, but I must say that after entering this laboratory I was almost converted. Five people in full view of the customers in charge of production, an intoxicating perfume, bars made with the best cocoa beans in the world and a shop window that is only lacking the ability to speak. Despite the 35° of muggy heat, I devoured a Stupmtown Coffee Brownie there and then: if all brownies were like this one, I would understand their presence in every corner of the world.



Another goal I had set myself was to visit a couple of quick Asian restaurants with spicy foods in my head guiding me.

 You will find Mission Chinese Food just outside Soho.

You go down some steps thinking you have entered the wrong place while you cross what looks like a red light video rental, but then having crossed the kitchen, which is lit-up by the flames of the woks, you finally reach the back of the venue where you can conquer a table and feel as if you are in Shanghai.



It was only midday, as I had been told to go early to avoid never-ending queues: I went early, but left late.What can I say: it’s not a cuisine that is seeking balanced flavours, nor does it count the calories. Strong dishes, whether it’s a sirloin veal steak with broccoli and oyster sauce, or chicken wings with a very spicy coating fried in chillies or sliced bacon marinated in soy sauce and rice vinegar with bean sprouts. All dishes that really put your digestion capacities to the test, but what an experience!



For a more refined and trendy version that can satisfy other oriental desires, the famous Momofuku Ssam Bar is the right spot.





A long counter of dark and shiny woods makes you immediately feel like a world citizen. An attentive and smiley service – this happens a lot in New York and it’s nice it should be this way – and some dishes that could make one drop to the floor.

Among the famous buns, I chose the steamed pork belly with BLT and smoked mayonnaise: moist, grubby and perfect; four bites and that’s it: nice, spongy and rewarding. My heart was struck by the rotisserie duck set! Now who wouldn’t eat duck in a place where they treat it with such care! Excellent!




to be continued...


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