Mothers: Grumento Nova, Basilicata, Italy

Mamme - Mothers is a Spaghetti Junctions’ project.

We want to collect the memories of the family knowledge that has been passed on and used in Italian families for centuries, but that has gradually and relentlessly been disappearing since the end of the Second World War.

Up until twenty years ago, maybe something more, there wasn’t a single house in Italy where mothers and daughters would not pass down recipes and customs.

There wasn’t a house in which those recipes and customs, influenced by experiences and personal taste, were not progressively enriched and at the same time remained a known and shared heritage of that family, of that community and of that territory.

Mamme – Mothers wants to tell about this culture of ours, which is on the verge of disappearing, to contribute to its preservation.To keep the flame alight.

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