Love and bread story: the Forno Sammarco Bakery



The pretty town of San Marco in Lamis (Fg), in Puglia, is small and huddled among the hills of the Gargano that surround it. Some heaps of wood for burning along the roads and the tranquil daily routine of a southern Italian town. Nothing gives away the fact that this is the place where one of the best breads of all Puglia is made: people are willing to drive miles to buy a loaf produced here.
The banner outside tells us we are at the “FORNO SAMMARCO”, the bakery that more than any other in the town has revolutionized the taste and the aesthetic sense of traditional bread produced everyday here in San Marco in Lamis.
The owners, three very pleasant sisters called Maria, Lina and Tanella, are the last of a dynasty of female bread-makers: they are bewitching in their simplicity and hospitality and, despite being very slender, determined and obstinate when it comes to bread. For the last few years they been helped by their nephew Antonio Cera, who has completed a degree at Milan's "Bocconi" university and is a example of migration against the flow, having returned to the family bakery.
Despite the shop and laboratory being very small, in this bakery they work with a precision worthy of a medical team, managing to produce almost two-hundred different bakery products, including various types of bread, taralli, focacce, biscuits and even an incredible panettone with candied olives from Puglia. All products are rigorously hand-made with local raw ingredients, to emphasize as much as the possible the idea of the territory where they are produced.
The young perfectionist Manager, Antonio Cera, is ruthless about the products which come out the oven that he looks at carefully: he has studied them, imagined them and then created them together with his team. And it is him who is in charge of the barter, "bread in exchange for local products" with the local farmers and producers, who every morning turn up at the bakery with the best products of the Gargano area, including the famous Manteca (a variation of butter) and the ricotta made with podolica cows' milk, lard of black pig, femminielli oranges and lemons, almonds of the Gargano, wild mushrooms and herbs, olives and extra-virgin olive oil and much more, always in season...
Instead the Signora Maria, who has the greatest experience with ovens, after a life spent producing bread, takes care of the management of the sourdough, and having seen the beautiful alveolus bread, this seems like a wise choice...
The traditional kindness typical of small towns and the hospitality of the "Bread ladies" means that one never leaves the SAMMARCO bakery without having tasted something. Please, this is for you.... Bread Senator Cappelli with sourdough, ricotta made with podolica cows' milk of the Gargano and anchovies...



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