Letís sail!

The crew is on board, others will join us during the sail, the ship is fixed and the pantry supplied.
It has been a long and suffered preparation, but I sincerely hope that it will prove to be worthwhile. Now at the helm and, at an early hour, let’s slip moorings and start to enjoy the wind.

Spaghetti Junction: as to say the stereotipe an the innovation hand in hand.
Italy is famous all over the world for spaghetti, quite a cliché that everyone recognize and search at any latitude. Junction as the highway junction, as any road junction, because we bet to narrate Italy through its products, its wines, those men and women that shape its astonishingly extraordinariness. This is the reason why we naturally choose to realize a bilingual webzine: not only to talk to ourselves, food-addicted italian tribe, but to speak with the world.

The wine and food tourism worth on 2012 has been 6 billion euros, over 5 milion people travelling through our Country. Add to this the sales figures of wine, food products, restaurants, of all the extraordinary fly wheel effect that italian food has on tourism. Italian cuisine and lifestyle has become the main attractive reason for the international tourists, overcoming along the last year even the artistic and historical heritage. Hence not Gargantua or Pantagruel, not a country of likeable gluttons, but a true opportunity for our Country.

Here we will try to narrate this opportunity and this amazing time of vitality that our Country is living. In Italy we have never eaten and drunk as good as in these days, with such a clear awareness and search for quality. We will narrate it with accuracy and enthusiasm and trying to enjoy with all of you, as in our vein for ages… spent among abdominal exercises at the table and biceps at the counter.

Relax! The journey start now!

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