Game of chess with eel. La Zanzara, the Bison family and Po delta. 1/2

The Horse:
It's not known exactly who was the first to say there are only two types of music, good and bad, but it doesn't matter: it's true and it's easy to think about this while venturing into the Valleys. There is a millennial bond here between land and music; here there is a bell tower, "men built it to not get lost in the infinity of the plain or the infinity of water, to anchor themselves to a human island, to tell themselves earthly words of wisdom on the doors of those magic lands where black birds with unnerving gazes can hide the deceit of century old sorcery" (Maria Bellonci, Lucrezia Borgia); this is the place that Guido D'Arezzo chose to invent modern musical notes.
Here the geography changes constantly recreating ever similar shapes: vague and dangerous like the boundary between what is liquid and what is not, elusive and canning like its inhabitants, solid and quick men, with blue-green eyes and a watery dialect, which traces the dark and melodious sounds of the valley that only they understand. The land is unsteady, its destiny uncertain.
The King:
Manganelli said (in Il rumore sottile della prosa) that "there is no library object in the world more fascinating, seductive and lovable that an Encyclopaedia" and Elio Bison is not lacking a single entry. Bright gaze, strong hands, long beard and tongue too: it's very easy to feel like the young Alcibiades who, kidnapped and enveloped in so much wisdom, would like an answer to all his whys.
He listens, cuts, prepares, arranges, answers: always following a slow rhythm that one would say is ancient and you could bet that very little escapes him of what occurs between land and water. He is crazy for garlic salami (which he personally prepares) cut in thick slices, better if eaten with your hands and washed down with red wine and with the rare pleasure of being united, intelligent and like-minded. He only tells stories if he has all the necessary time to do so, punctuating sentences with a gulp of wine, one can guess more than he says: an encyclopaedia, a philosopher, but especially a man that knows one has to be young and foolish, in order to become old and wise.
to be continued...
the pics are by Guendalina Mantovani.



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