La Gatta Mangiona: the pizza gourmet ground-breaking is in Rome.

Neapolitan pizza or Roman Pizza? Which is best and, more to the point, where does one go to eat it? The solution is somewhere in between and can be found in Rome's Monteverde neighbourhood, in a venue that has made the history of quality pizza in the capital city: La Gatta Mangiona.

Back in 1999 in Via Federico Ozanam, Giancarlo Casa and Sergio Natali gave life to a pizzeria (in some ways restaurant/tavern) with the aim of introducing to Rome a product made with good raw ingredients and an accurate rising, as well as offering a high quality selection of wines and craft beers.

Back in unsuspecting times, when gourmet pizza was yet to become a fashion on Italian tables, La Gatta always represented an anchorage and certainty in the city's pizzeria scene, thanks to the attention Giancarlo & Co. give to every detail.

The pizza dough of La Gatta is halfway between the thin and crispy Roman pizza and the soft and alveolus, with a wide crust, Neapolitan pizza.
After lengthy and careful researches about the types of flour and about rising, Giancarlo has developed a product that is unique and precious for its flavour and lightness: in a trendy market  where everyone is striving to use sourdough, Casa decided to use beer yeast for his pizza, like they do in Naples. 

The secret is a careful maturation of the dough, together with a mix of flours, including whole wheat, for a flavour and a digestibility that win you over at the first bite. To finish you off, they offer an ample selection of mouth-watering and seasonal condiments, which demonstrate Giancarlo's ability and passion in the kitchen: almost a father to the current gourmet pizzas.

Out of this world fried nibbles and starters are also on offer, with crocchette and supplì (another house forte), which change on rotation and are jotted down on a small blackboard on the walls of the restaurant and some amazing falafel.

The pizzeria's environment is warm and welcoming, a sort of Roman tavern with painted and stuffed cats placed in every corner. The ochre walls and chequered placemats give colour to the environment, together with a polite and professional all-female staff. The owners are at your disposal  for the never banal combinations between pizza and wine/beer ( there are over 200 wine labels and approximately 70 craft beers).

According to the season, you will be able to enjoy fried starters and pizzas of all kinds, ranging from classic to gourmet, as well as the delicious Margherita (simple, "Stramargherita or "della Gatta"), o "La Romana", with tomato fillets, fiordilatte mozzarella in slices and Spanish anchovies.

Golden calzoncelli stuffed with endive, raisins and pine nuts; Sardinian-style or with cod potato croquettes will be waiting for you at the table; Roman-style courgette flowers; fried cod fillets with chickpea hummus and special supplì such as the one of Minestra Maritata (Wedding soup); the one with Genoese sauce; the supplì with asparagus and saffron; all'amatriciana; or the excellent Roma supplì with butter, anchovies and fried broccoli.

unusual the Ziza Araba: a soft and yet crunchy focaccia made with pizza dough, opened and stuffed with beef meatballs made with marinated onion, coriander and other secret spices, dressed in a sesame sauce with a fresh tomato and cucumber salad.

The dinner comes to an end with the puddings made by Cecilia, Giancarlo's wife: let gluttony guide you. We recommend the homemade tiramisu, the blueberry strudel and the extravagant carrot cake with marmalade jam.

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