La Bandiera: the Spadone family, the Abruzzo and an extraordinary gourmet table.


La Bandiera (the Italian for flag) flutters on a crest between the Majella and Gran Sasso Mountains: one doesn’t come here by chance, as the trip to get here is a journey set in the countryside of the Abruzzo, among a mountainous landscape with Pescara in the distance.

It is run by a family, one of the many Italian families that have made Italian cuisine what it is, in a well kept and comfortable house, in every detail. Local cuisine, but modern and intelligent, because let’s remember that tradition is guardian of the flame, not cult of the ashes.



Three generations, distributed between the dining hall and kitchen, have transformed this old trattoria into a modern and tasteful restaurant, tuned to detail. In the nice dining hall or in the fantastic garden, lit by thousands of small lights like old barnyards during festivities, you will taste a cuisine that starting with the products, the knowledge and flavours of the Abruzzo region reinterprets them with solid security and a well turned out contemporary twist.



Marcello Spadone is a solid and confident patron, as this career for him started when he was still a boy, so years of practice, together with a modern and tireless curiosity. His wife Bruna monitors everything, with that calm and security that only women can give; tireless and always smiling, she is not just a great cook, but also guarantees exceptional raw ingredients thanks to her vegetable plot. The twins are new acquisitions: Alessio is giving a new impulse to the dining hall service, elegant and relaxed, with the right touch of informal chic that puts one at ease.



Try the gin tonic before eating, as it will be a surprise. He’s already capable, but with ample margin for improvement. Mattia in the kitchen is very capable! Talented, thoughtful and hearty, one of the best young chefs in the country, he has managed to harmonize with his parents’ cooking, which is strongly bound to local traditions, and integrate it with new techniques and visions taken from the outside world: the result is a continuous dialectic between innovation and tradition and between product and technique, which is very profitable for our pleasure.



The food of La Bandiera is an example of that New Southern Cuisine, which is one of the nicest surprises of Italian cuisine, a cuisine that satisfies the stomach and heart, always at the service of products and of the extraordinary richness of raw ingredients typical of Abruzzo. The prime spot is always earmarked for the pleasure of guests, the joy of the diner. A true restaurant: service and not just display of talent, although there is a lot of talent here too!



Average price 40€

Do not miss out on:

Leg of lamb with aromatic herbs and potatoes al coppo

Small salad of spontaneous herbs and goat’s cheese

Caciocavallo cheese buttons in spring onion and fennel stock

Mattia’s bolla (bubble) 


photoes by Giulio Francesco Bagnale

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