Chianti Classico, the soul of Sangiovese

It's known that Sangiovese is an excellent interpreter of the territory, a vine variety capable of deciphering soils and climates with precision and personality. If in Montalcino it manages to express a material and earthy register, in Chianti Classico it finds minerality and tension, elegance and a certain purity. And no territory more than Chianti Classico has in recent years focused precisely on their territorial identity.  It should be given credit for its efforts and if this growth has not been met by an equal commercial success, we can rest assured that this denomination is setting aside a heritage that will acquire value over time. A few days before the preview, we want to try and highlight a series of bottles that portray this beautiful season with the successful 2010 vintage, a year that allowed it to express the territorial characteristics very well. Towards the end, two quick words on the grand selection that made its debut during the 2014 preview. The idea of a version that involves no more than 10% of production and raises the average price of bottles on the market is a necessity felt by many producers and this new version is a container that can reach the target. Obviously they will have to work hard and put some decent contents in the grand selection in order to not achieve the opposite result and downgrade in a single swoop the reserve denomination: I don't think it's right to pass judgement on this, but rather we should wait and understand how much Chianti Classico believes in this operation.


Caparsa, Chianti Classico Riserva Caparsino 2010

One of the great protagonists of this preview, a wine that becomes the code of authority, conquered by Caparsa with a series of bottles that in recent years have amazed for their quality and style. A very pure product that develops tension and minerality, austere, fresh, deep. 95/100

I Fabbri, Chianti Classico Riserva 2010

Lamole, a northern territory pinpointed as one of the great talents for Chianti Classico, is expressing different interesting realities that skilfully interpret the vegetable and peppered register of Sangiovese produced here. This 2010 reserve is hard in an elegant manner, sapid, subtle and full of strength. A character-rich wine that is cutting and dry. 96/100

Lamole di Lamole, Chianti Classico Riserva 2010

A very clear fruit, great minerality and an austere character. It's the portrait of a wine that enters the mouth sharply and runs away towards a finish that is never ending, tense and salty. 94/100

Poggerino, Chianti Classico Riserva 2010

Massimo Lanza is one of the few winemakers of Chianti Classico in the strictest meaning of the word and in recent years he has found the self-confidence to produce with personality and a renewed style. The nose is elegant and almost earthy, explosive in the mouth where it recovers energies and ideas, clearness and agility. The finish has a stoke of light, minerality and fastness. It never ends. 94/100

Castell’in Villa, Chianti Classico 2010

Coralia Pignatelli, known by everyone as principessa, is an extraordinary interpretation of the southern area of the denomination and its base version, like this 2010 vintage, has the quality of a reserve. A territorial wine, with earthy hints and an austere fruit, very cold in its floral hints. The mouth is cutting and direct, full of flavours and very elegant. 91/100 

Barlettaio, Chianti Classico 2010

A beautiful surprise from Radda, a masterpiece by Francesco Bertozzi, the company's owner, and by Luca D'Attoma, oenologist. A balsamic nose, saltish, with hints of woods and flowers. A subtle wine rich in strength, marvellous. 95/100

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