I was walking down that section of Corso Rinascimento in Rome that connects Piazza Navona with Corso Vittorio Emanuele towards Campo de' Fiori, when I stumbled across a Boulangerie.

I stopped. I looked-up to the sky, like somebody who has lost their direction, and then looked at myself reflected in the shop window: as if I were in a film, it had the effect of making me spin and I found myself in Paris.
Maybe because the owner Matteo's surname is Piras and the vowels played a trick on me, in any case this unique bakery really does make you feel as if you are in a corner of France. Displayed well in sight behind the counter are various types of bread (the rice one is excellent), pizza, porchetta, but also butter biscuits, croissant and pain au chocolate.

The gaze turns where gluttony directs it, with the guidance of a greedy tummy. Sandwiches with porchetta were winking at me from the top of the counter. Take away foods were stirring in their transparent trays. Matteo handed me the rice bread still warm.

He told me about a Chemistry degree and about a professor with a passion for cooking with whom he struck a deal: “A bit of chemistry applied to food for me and some recipes for him”. So here we have it: a vegan chemist that has been experimenting on his own skin with food for twelve years. This is how he created his Seitan meatballs, the Tofu sticks with Seitan and the Tofu that make you wonder: “What kind of meat is this?”, like some clients have pointed out to the master baker. Matteo is the result of three types of culture (just like his yeasts): he studied to become a baker in Lyon's most famous bakery; he completed his Chemistry degree in Rome; and he has worked and found his new source of inspiration in Korea: his wife Hyejin Kim.

The Boulangerie is environmentally-friendly: led lighting, the oven created with ad hoc resistance to prevent heat and energy dispersion, recovered furnishing and bicycle deliveries.

One can find out at what time the bread comes out of the oven on the boards outside.

Lastly, if you are gourmet, you will want to know that Boulangerie MP has been awarded the Gambero Rosso recognition of Shop of the Year 2014, so what can you want more?


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