Bologna’s Apennine Mountains, a production chain that did not exist: the miracle named Zivieri

Production chain, a magic expression. A thread of Ariadne that leads to the countryside, to fields, stables and vineyards.
It climbs mountains or gets lost in the valley floors. We talk and talk about it, but for too long production chains have had a precise boundary: man. In Italy it is difficult to source foods in the wild, only herbs and mushrooms are found in very privileged situations.
However in Bologna they have come-up with a real dream. So here is a project that raises the Apennine Mountains as a land of conquests for production chains. For the first time in Italy there is an extraordinary butcher shop that has reached an agreement with the local health authorities and the province (hunters as well!) to offer its client excellent venison, deer, roe deer and wild boar meat. This miracle was achieved by the Zivieri butcher shop, a special place even before this achievement thanks to its daily work with breeds of Piedmontese cattle and Mora Romagnola pigs. It has set a precedent that will become a model for others, a model for many territories that will see in practice what the meaning of wild production chain is: to value the Apennine Mountains, with its woods and inaccessible and extraordinary sites. Gabriella Montera, the agriculture council member for Bologna, explained to us:

“The institutions made themselves available to a project that becomes a resource for these areas considered of minor importance and that are at risk of being cut-off by the major metropolitan flows. We helped the Zivieri family straightaway: this is a project that invests in our deepest and hardest identity”.
Aldo Zivieri told us the story of this idea: “We are a butcher shop far from the city, located in a mountain village and this is why our sensibility is different from everything. We opened a laboratory specifically for animals killed by hunters, to put our skills at the disposal of a new production chain, a production chain that was unimaginable a few years ago. The Emilia-Romagna Region is in the forefront in these themes and Bologna is one foot ahead. We are the first in Italy to have designed a system that allows one to buy venison, deer, roe deer and wild boar meat. These animals are killed here and then processed in a way that only a true professional can achieve. And we are now working so we can offer hares and feathered game as well”. Once again it’s the provinces that win the most innovative and modern challenges, but perhaps this is our destiny: to win where all others fail, because our production chain is unique and always different.

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