Barfly, a style of life

Many of you will probably remember a film dating back to 1987 starring Mickey Rourke, who played Henry Chinaski, the alter ego of writer Charles Bokowsky  who in this autobiographic portrayal shows the semi-serious exploration, from one venue to another, by the protagonist, who is seeking his ideal bar.
The term used by Bukowsky for his work is “barfly”, referring to the frantic search for the “right” place to drink by someone who behaves exactly like a fly: a bar fly.
How can we define the “ideal” bar? First of all by not ruling out options due to styles, fashions or trends, by following word of mouth suggestions, as well as your own intuition: the journey starts and ends at the entrance door.
As soon as we enter, we are struck, sometimes without even noticing, by a number of fundamental elements. The lighting should be warm and captivating, the acoustics should avoid the “garage” effect and the seating should allow lively conversations, as well as the more reserved exchanges that accompany the magic of seduction. The music should maintain a balance between the sounds and the conversation of guests, who in the “ideal” bar are never mere clients.
After carefully inspecting the menu, it's now time to choose the drink most representative of the bar, basing our judgement on the most objective evaluation: one must keep an eye on the composition, especially noticing home made components, meaning all those ingredients that, besides the liquors, are hand made, a fundamental aspect in the search for “our” bar. The visual impact, the preparation and presentation will also contribute to the drink's final assessment.
At the end of the article you will find a cocktail recipe, faithful to the above mentioned elements and with an evaluation, this time personal, of the bar that has welcomed us.
In this section I will be kept company by another bar fly that will join me soon. Together we will have the privilege of welcoming internationally renowned barman that will tell us stories, styles and interpretations of today's mixology: we will also dedicate extensive features to events such as bar-shows, tours of distilleries, festivals, seminars and international competitions.
Let me invite all of you who enjoy drinking well to Spaghetti Junction where you will find our first barfly.

In the meantime here is the recipe of a great classic: the Manhattan.

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