All the facets of Cannonau: the final

We have now reached the end, having started with more than 150 wines, more or less the entire high quality production of Grenache variety. I will immediately say that the victory went to a great Sardinian wine, a demonstration of the ancient roots of Cannonau in the island's DNA, but the greatest novelty is the Marche, which thanks to a small squad of Burdò or Bordò (this is how they called Grenache in the dialect of the area to the North of the Tronto river) placed three wines among the final eight and only just lost out to the top spot. Another surprise was Liguria, which stood up to the competition with a dynamic and fresh interpretation of the variety.

Cannonau was the leader thanks to a team of labels that stands out for the raw ingredients and Mediterranean richness, the sixteen wines that reached the final trace a clear cross section between quality and typicality, 12 cannonau, a mixture of the best regional productions, from the powerful and fascinating wines of Montisci (Barrosu also confirms itself as the archetype of Cannonau), to the more modern and tidy wines by Gabbas, via the classic and Mediterranean wines of Sedilesu.

Three wines from the Marche demonstrate that Burdò is an important reality in the area of the Piceno: elegant wines that always feature the fleshiness typical of the variety and persuasive fruity hints; the impressive raw ingredients are managed with great intelligence and class.

The Kupra by Marco Casolanetti only just fails to make the podium beaten by the champion Riserva Barrosu 2011 by Montisci which is overwhelming with its rustic and typical classy tones and also beat two champions from the Marche region, Kupra 2010  in quarter finals and the delicious Podere San Lazzaro Bordò 2011 in the finals. Although the small Davide, Rossobordò 2011 by Walter Mattoni, with its elegant floral and haematic notes cannot overcome the giant Riserva Carnevale by Sedilesu. A single granaccia from Liguria in the final stages demonstrates how the region can do very well: the Duringranaccia 2012 is beaten by the runner-up winner, the powerful Bordò 11 which beat the other great surprise of the championship, the Turcalese 2011 of the small producer Berritta, a very classy and rich cannonau produced in a limited number of bottles.

The final is a heart-stopping Marche vs. Sardinia battle. The red wines by Poderi San Lazzaro faces-up to the mythical Barrosu, which in this 2011 edition won everybody over with its rustic elegance and a typical and masculine tone. The finals for 3rd and 4th place are a Sardinian affair, the Mediterranean and tense Carnevale 2010 by Sedilesu eventually beating a modern and groomed Nepente 2011 by Cantina Oliena.

See you next time with a trendy native variety: pecorino! 

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