Alessandro Pipero

Pipero al Rex is the most talked about restaurant in Rome. Luciano Monosillo is a young and interesting chef, but what makes the difference is patron Alessandro Pipero, who will welcome and pamper you like in few Italian restaurants.

When you look at him, he looks like a big cat, one of those plump beasts that laze in the sun by the Colosseum. He quietly moves around without hurrying, seemingly relaxed and secure in his dining room, which he knows inside out. He has spent his life in the dining rooms and cellars of restaurants. He’s no master of refinement, always on the verge of exaggerating with a word too many and the Gascon and Roman dialects: nonetheless he never goes over the verge. A dinner at Piperno is an experience, especially thanks to him, to his capacity to welcome and to understand his guests’ requirements.

He started his career with another expert, Antonello Colonna, true Roman master of ceremony of the second Italian Republic. From him he learnt the importance of “serving”, that mixture between being a waiter, confessor, diplomat, without ever giving up on showing off a slightly rustic side, which gives an air of Rome of the past. One must always bear in mind Gianni Agnelli’s motto: “treat the whores like countesses and the countesses like whores”.

Alessandro contributed to this with his own qualities: behind his loutish surface, he hides his character, his capacity to study, his huge competence resulted from years of self-abnegation, which have turned him into a great man in the dining room and cellar. An excellent sommelier, with precise tastes and very clear ideas. Over the years in the two headquarters of Albano and Rome he has picked a multitude of young chefs all so talented that many went on to make a name for themselves, which is no coincidence. Currently he has chosen the young Monosillo, with whom he has developed a solid cuisine, with strong local references, mixed with a good dose of modern techniques. A big gut on a big brain.

“Pipero al Rex” is no longer a novelty, but one of the most renowned addresses of the capital. The dining room is sturdy and beautiful, with two large Taraxacum  lamps hanging from the ceiling, little red leather armchairs and immaculate tables composed of white linen tablecloths and shiny crystal-ware. One of the most pleasant venues in Rome, with a dining room that turns like velvet, but is silk. Class and style are never paraded or flashy. Whether it’s a business lunch or a romantic meal, Alessandro will always manage to take your hand and guide you, with ancient prowess and disenchantment, in an outstanding gastronomic experience.

A restaurant completely at your service, and not a place where you have to put up with a self-centred and vain chef. Along a thin red line that connects the history of Italian catering, from Cipriani to Palmieri, with Santini and Rossetti and all that comes to your minds in between, you will be protagonists, in any case your pleasure and the certainty that those few hours at the table are sacred.
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