50 Special Kalò

Story has it that Ulysses, during his Mediterranean voyages, asked to be tied to the mast of a ship to resist the seductive and equally fatal call of Partenope. Always certain of her irresistible lure, but having been humiliated by the heroic seaman, she killed herself. Partenope let herself die like this, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, transforming into the landform of the landscape, which thanks to her grace became partenopeo (Neapolitan).

Today in Naples the statue of Partenope towers over the Piazza Sannazaro square: a sculptural, feminine traffic divider confused among the distraction and hoots. The beauty of Naples continues to attract visitors that scour the city before then heading straightaway for the new pizzeria "50 Kalò".

Partenope is no longer that suffering and lonely Siren, but the secret accomplice of Ciro Salvo, a Neapolitan pizza chef with indisputable talent, who with his serious, respectful, well-prepared and scrupulous way of going about things has landed from Torre Annunziata in Naples, aboard his new flaming "50 Special" (as the old famouse Vespa Piaggio).

“50” in Neapolitan cabala means "bread", so the dough, while "Kalò" is an ancient Greek word that belongs to the jargon of old Neapolitan pizza chefs, who use it to define a good dough, well turned out, so good that only Ciro knows how to prepare it. Ciro has been making pizzas since he was 13, he has studied dough, flower and rising agents when all of this was not a fashion yet, mixing the few poor ingredients to create a rich pizza that is a masterpiece of beauty and lightness.

An elastic and compact dough that creates pizzas as soft as duvets, where one cannot distinguish the boundary of the crust, but it all becomes a unique experience of tasty, harmonious and balanced lightness, always easy to digest.

Everything here is flavoursome, starting with the classic "Marinara" with DOP San Marzano tomatoes, Ufita garlic, oregano from the Alburni Mountains, and EVO Organic Olive Oil "Le Peracciole" by Don Alfonso (yes, Iaccarino), to then move onto the exceptional "Margherita" available in three versions (Classic, with Piennolo and with Buffalo milk mozzarella), "Stuffed White" with Buffalo ricotta, Agerola provola cheese, cicoli, pepper and DOP Roman pecorino cheese and also the "Pizza of the Alliance", made with ingredients produced by Slow Food members: Agerola fior di latte mozzarella, lumps of Roman Conciato, one of Italy's most ancient cheeses, Lardo di Colonnata and coppered onion from Montoro.

The rich menu, which was written in partnership with Maurizio Cortese (www.corteseway.it) - a fine palate, with expert knowledge regarding combinations, raw ingredients and the territory, as well as 360° consultant  of the "50 Kalò" operation - also offers numerous other delicacies worth trying, like the "Artichokes with Capocollo of Martina Franca", "Red Filling", "the Cossacks" and the unavoidable "Sausage and Friarielli".

And who knows if Ulysses, so firmly tied to the mast, would have given in to Ciro Salvatore's call, to the elegance of his soft creatures, to his exceptional condiments, to his pizza unique in its kind and sublime like the voice of Partenope, which is worth and reconfirms the pleasantness of an always enjoyable trip to Naples.

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