360° in Athens to have a great drink

After A for Athens, our Athenian barfly continues with Danilo Lorenzi and, having crossed Monastiraki Square at the rhythm of tsiftetéli, we climb the stairs that lead to the 360°. The venue develops on three floors where one can find a restaurant, a bar and a panoramic terrace with a wide-angle view, indeed 360° degrees.

We sit, opposite a well supplied bottle display, at the bar counter that is comfortable and a decent size without being dispersive, although designed to welcome many punters; two long tables in front of the counter encourage conviviality and a space where during the course of the night and until sunrise one can dance under the DJ's console opens behind them.

A glass wall on the outer sides looks out towards the square and Parthenon; it filters a suffused light that, together with the venue's artificial lighting, creates a warm and intriguing environment and also allows one to easily read the menus.

From the bar, a ramp of stairs leads us to the panoramic terrace where we experience the same emotion we have already described in our visit to A for Athens.

It's very large and can welcome hundreds of guests, especially young people who take it in turns here until dawn of the next day; once again we find a large counter, but decorated with majolica tiles, where one can comfortably watch cocktails being made, as well as a bottle display that is also worth mentioning.

The proposals vary between a list (prepared by Geoge Gaitanidis) of fifteen house cocktails, a series of classics and contemporary ones divided between Tiki cocktails, Gin cocktails, Tequila cocktails, Rum cocktails, Vodka cocktails, Whiskey-Bourbon cocktails, Champagne cocktails and Companion cocktails, a list of non-alcoholic cocktails and a large spirit list divided between Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Scotch Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, De Luxe Whiskey, Malt Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Brandy-Cognac, as well as white and red wines and Champagne.

We chose a Mandarin Cobbler that, thanks to Mastica, Pinot Grigio and mint, provides Mediterranean summer freshness; it also contains vodka and fresh lemon and mandarin juice. In the cocktail the sweetness of the Mastica is balanced by the sourness of the lemon and mandarin juice, while the vodka provides the alcoholic base and the Pinto Grigio, thanks to its distinctive features, gives a pleasant fruity aftertaste.

Leaving the venue you will realize that the 360° has entertained you from sunset to sunrise and when in a taxi you reach the port to go to the islands, you will leave the Piraeus with the memory of an enjoyable evening.

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